- Played by George Sample III


A United States Marine Drill Instructor raised me alongside my hard-working mother, who chose to stay at home to raise her children.  Being raised by both showed me the meaning of hard work, integrity, patience and empathy for others.  Growing up, I gravitated towards music and poetry because I needed an outlet for expression.  I faced many temptations of peer pressure of following the negative crowd.  My passion for the arts has allowed me to avoid those negatives.  I knew the life of a performer was for me.    contact


- Played by Zurich Buckner


Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, I grew up a risk taker and experienced many hardships throughout my life, but I also witnessed the most extreme acts of kindness. Witnessing both worlds has given me the ability to take on a range of intriguing characters.  Combined with my level of energy on and off screen, helps me bring those characters to life.    contact


- Played by Brian Kowalski


I was raised in Belleville, Illinois, a suburb right across the river from St. Louis, Missouri.  Belleville has both areas of booming growth and areas of extreme poverty.  I was fortunate enough to experience both aspects of this difference in social classes.  This has allowed me to have compassion for people from all walks of life.  A few years ago, I played quarterback for my high school and college football team.  The discipline that position requires has helped to keep me focused in pursuing my goals in life.    contact